Podcast Interviews are right for you!

Spread your message to the masses!

Embark on a Podcast Interview Tour!

So you started the biz, got some clients, & are finally doing what YOU want to do with your life - CONGRATS!

What you’re probably realizing, is that this whole “business” thing looks different than what the typical, normal business looks like.

You might not have a storefront. Chances are, you probably don’t even have a physical product.

You’re in the online space. Maybe you’re a coach or consultant. Maybe you’re an author. Maybe you’re both.

So now you realize you also need to be a marketer. & a salesman. You need to attract clients.

& you need to attract the RIGHT ones.

We all know what it’s like to work with someone who is less than ideal for your business,
let’s stop that.

It’s time for growth. You’re ready for it. You’ve got your foundation in place & now it’s time to go-go-go!

What most people don’t realize, is that podcasts aren’t just cool interview platforms.

Being a guest on podcasts as an entrepreneur, author, Coach, or consultant, doesn’t just mean you get to have a cool conversation about what you’re doing.

You’re instantly positioned as an expert in your field!!
(You’ve gotta walk the walk, tho)

Being a guest on podcasts means you’ll be essentially creating an internet billboard, that NEVER goes away. This billboard sells FOR you, BY you, because once the episode airs, it never stops being live.

Which means your future clients will never stop having the opportunity to hear you speak about your business, build rapport with you before ever jumping on the phone, understand how your company or services work, & probably know most of your life story as well which means you’ll also be instant best friends.

They’re basically SOLD on you before they ever even speak to you.
(This happened to me yesterday, seriously)

Then, you attach your website to the interview. This gives the listeners the opportunity to learn even more, & give you their information if they want to work with you, & even book a time with you. Being that these listeners are TARGETED to your message & mission - the alignment will be on POINT. These are the people who WANT what you have to offer.

Then you get natural SEO for your site happening because it’s being circulated & shared throughout the networks of influencers, telling google you’re reputable & should be shown to people first when they search for things within your niche.

THENNNNN, you get the INCREDIBLE partnerships that come along with making friends & conducting interviews with these podcasters. I’ve had clients & the podcasters I set them up with release webinars together, offer each other’s clients special pricing because their services compliment each other so well, & become rock-solid referral partners.

What’s more, you get to direct “traffic” to your social media platforms, establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Being interviewed on podcasts is the next piece to your business building puzzle.